Monday, May 13, 2013

It has been a relatively quiet week, but a busy one, nonetheless.  Sometimes, on Sunday, we look ahead at our week and see only a few things actually on the calendar, then at the end of the week, we look back and wonder how all the activities and events we actually were involved in were packed into such a short time-frame.  We get to spend a lot of time with the young missionaries, but we don't get a lot of pictures of them because we seem to be hurrying to wherever we're going to and from.  Sometimes we see family and old friends, and we do get in a lot of ambassador work, sharing the gospel with whomever we come in contact with - by word as well as by example.
We did manage to get a picture of two very good friends.  Sister Brenda Earl is from Cape Breton, Nova Scotia.  She married Elder Steve Earl from Logan, Utah.  Elder Earl was a missionary here when we lived in Mahone Bay, and they live in Hyrum, Utah.  They just returned from a mission in Kentucky/Tennessee.  With her and Sister Tiffany is Bro. Stan Hodder, Brenda's father, whom she was visiting and who lives in New Glasgow, Nova Scotia.  He is one of the kindest gentleman we know.
Every six weeks the mission has "transfer week."  This is also the week the new missionaries usually arrive from the MTC.  During that week President Leavitt interviews, trains, orients, then assigns the new missionaries to their areas and companions.  Most of the connections are made at a luncheon for them, then they head to their assignments.  Above, at the luncheon, is Pres. Leavitt with "seasoned" Elders Steed, Bullock, and Wolsey.  Elders Steed and Wolsey are on their way to Newfoundland.

Sister and Elder Wiebe are manning kitchen duties at the transfer luncheon.  Sister Broadhead is just enjoying being here.

A group of missionaries at the mission home transfer luncheon.  These luncheons are often reunions for some missionaries who have served together then sent to opposite ends of the mission. It's a long way from upper Maine to the top of Newfoundland.  We learned this week that the Canada Halifax Mission is the geographically largest mission in the world, taking in all of Atlantic Canada and Labrador (though we don't have missionaries currently serving in Labrador).
On this particular day we had the privilege of attending a special temple session with the missionaries.  We were honored to be the officiators of that session.

Pictured above is Sister T's brother Milford (middle), receiving a prestigious award from the Royal Canadian Mounted Police, as a veteran, for his service to his country.  The award is called "The Century of Service Veterans' Honorary Medallion Award."
This group is Milf and Ruby, with their son Jeff and his wife Oxana, in front of the RCMP Medallion after the award presentation.
And - yours truly!

On Saturday of this past week we had the opportunity to go to the temple with Amanda Smith, to receive her temple endowments.  Amanda is a young lady in our YSA Branch, preparing to be married in a couple of weeks - one of our four couples tying the knot this year (so far).  While there, we met Elder and Sister Hendrickson, of West Valley City, Utah.  They just arrived in the mission a week ago, and are assigned to Fredericton, New Brunswick.  They were attending the temple with a bus load of members from New Brunswick and Maine.
Of course, we went with them and melissa to The Wharf Wrap Restaurant.  They loved it as much as we do!

Sister T with a plate of fish and chips.  Look at the size of that fish!

E T with his favorite - Salmon Burger - a large piece of salmon on a bun!
Very tasty, very inexpensive and very fresh!
Because Mother's Day was yesterday, we hope every mother, future mother, and would-be mother had a very nice and memorable day, in a positive way.
Our Father in Heaven placed them here to keep His families in order, with love, honor, and charity in their hearts to share with others.  It's hard to put into words how much they are appreciated, but we hope everyone will try in some way to express it to them.  

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