Saturday, June 16, 2012

We at the the Missionary Training Center in Provo, Utah and finished our first week of training.  We feel that our minds are mush but our spirits have expanded.  What an incredible place.  We had 91 Senior Missionaries enter the MTC on June 11.  Some have finished as of today and have left for all over the globe for their assignments.  Those who are fulfilling a foreign language mission, Humanitarian or CES-that is Church Education System will be staying through next Wednesday.  The language people have been studying on Skype and online for a few months now and fine tuning their language skills here. We will be on our way to Nova Scotia on Friday, June 22 and hope to arrive about the 29th.  Nate and wife Marcie will be driving with us and flying back to Utah on July 1.
Our week at the MTC was filled with learning, faith and great leaps in Gospel Study.  The teachers are returned missionaries and they are dedicated.  In our assigned small learning group there were 4 couples-one being a deaf couple from San Diego who are serving the deaf in the Independence, Missouri.  The Randles taught much about faith and determination-especially with their great attitudes.  Next weekend the new mission presidents arrive and the following week they have 106 senior missionaries coming.  When you consider that all of the missionaries pay for their own missions and all of the extra services that they provide-it is amazing.  We are surrounded with love, caring and excellent food (that is important).
Miss the family but we realize that we cannot leave them in better hands than the Lord's.   

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