Monday, February 25, 2013

Pres. & Sis. Moses -
Two of the very best!
In the scriptures a "man of Christ" is mentioned as being "sanctified."  In our class at Dalhousie we discussed what these words and phrases represent.  In the experiences we're having on our mission, we sometimes are in the presence of such individuals who represent the Savior very well.  These individuals strive to "do good continually," and we can see in their countenances a love for their fellowman, with a desire to be of service at all times.  They accept whatever challenges come to them as a means of growth, rather than an obstacle.  They continue to strive to become a true Saint, by helping others arrive at that pathway as well.  They recognize that becoming a "Saint" is not a destination, but rather a journey.  We both feel that Pres. Moses, our Branch President, is such a person.  He is constantly on the lookout for those who need an extra hand, a minute or two more, perhaps an encouraging word or hug, maybe a little admonishment to redirect their efforts - "showing forth afterwords an increase of love."  He truly is a "man of Christ," and we love serving with him and his dear wife in the YSA Branch.  They are such good people. We hope some of these attributes will rub off on us.
Melissa & Joni-
Celebrate baptism of 50 yrs ago
Melissa & Elder Thatcher-
2 piano officionados

JJ & Sheldon and
our delicious meal

Elder & Sis. Wiebe, Leah (JJ's sister), & Joni
Some kitchen activity - Leah & JJ (front),
Sis. Calvert and Sis. Choo (Sheldon's Mom)
On Sunday, Feb. 24, 2013, Sister Joan E. Roy Tiffany and Sister Melissa O'Connor celebrated their 50th anniversary as members of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints.  50 YEARS?!  
Slater Street Chapel - former site of LDS Church,
now an ambulance service center
(still in the process of saving people)
Wow, they're old!  They were baptized on the same day in the only chapel, at the time, in Nova Scotia, and they have been very good friends ever since.  On Saturday evening, Feb. 23, we had a little party to help them celebrate.  Melissa's daughter, JJ, fixed a really great dinner and a beautiful cake to enjoy.  With a few senior missionaries and friends, we congratulated, laughed, reminisced, and looked at a display of pictures of the two of them taken over the years.  Elder Tiff met Sis. Roy eight months after her baptism, and the rest is history.
 These pictures were taken a couple of weeks ago, but it still looks pretty much the same.

Winter is still residing in Halifax, Nova Scotia.  We keep getting cold winds, often mixed with snow, and the temperatures are not allowing much snow melt.  Some days are spent entirely inside because of the unrelenting winds and cold air.  But we don't think we're getting as much snow as our family in Utah.  We appreciate them having the snowy winter while we're away.
Part of the cleaning crew - Josh, Cory,
Nathaniel, Ben, Janell, & Chelsea 
YSA- Harper & Cosman -
The window cleaners
We spent a part of last Saturday cleaning the chapel with the YSA.  They always have a great group show up for service projects, and their enthusiasm is fun to be around.  Our YSA Branch members are fulfilling many of the goals the Prophets have had for YSA Wards and Branches.  Their leadership skills are being mastered, their social skills are improving, their understanding of the gospel is increasing, their desire to choose the right is more evident, their faith is moving from their heads to their hearts, and they are getting engaged to be married!  Within the last three or four months we've seen "hardware installed" (engagement rings) between five couples.  It's Spring and love is in the air.
Todd & Samantha -
Our newest Betrotheds
Seminary and institute classes are doing very well.  We have the opportunity to visit classes, have in-service meetings, and talk with the teachers.  We have a great group of instructors who have a real desire to work with the youth in strengthening the gospel in their lives.  The end of the institute school year is only about 5 or 6 weeks away.  We're already in the planning stages for institute graduation.  My, how time flies!
 Sis. Miehe (pronounced mia - like Mama Mia), was transferred with Sis. Rust to New Brunswick about 5 days after she arrived.  The first 19 year-old sister missionary we've met.

Danielle, Sisters Rust, Miehe, and Hart
Within the last two weeks we've met two of our newest Sister Missionaries - Sisters Miehe and Drew.  They are both 19 years old and both are from Alberta.  They have really great testimonies and a whole bunch of enthusiasm.  Sis. Miehe was transferred, but we still have Sis. Drew with us - we hope for awhile.

Within our blog, this time, we would like to share a few pictures we haven't posted before.  There are so many people, places, and things we haven't posted before that we felt like we'd like to show you.  This is just a very small part of pictures, and they are not in any definite order - just thrown in at random.  We'll try to comment on them so you know what and who they are (if Elder Tiff can get the computer to cooperate).
Elder T, Pres. & Sis. Leavitt -
on the ferry to Newfoundland (July 2012)

Joni & Larry at Peggy's Cove
(July 2012)

Chester Basin Harbor
(summer 2012)

Wayne & Diane Hunt & Gloria Tustian Richards
Very close friends from Bridgewater, N.S.
(Summer 2012)

Shirley Wentzell Elderkin,
Roger & Anna Davison, and Ofa
More really great friends in Mahone Bay, N.S.
(summer 2012)

Some YSA at a summer service project in a
community garden - Halifax, N.S.
(summer 2012)

Halifax 1st Ward/YSA Branch Chapel
Clayton Park, Halifax, N.S.

Our mission office

Halifax Bay

Halifax skyline

The Royal Family
as depicted in the Scarecrow Festival -
Mahone Bay (Fall 2012)

Looking at Halifax Harbor
through a maze of small fishing boats

Along the Mersey River
between Liverpool and Milton, Nova Scotia
(Fall 2012)

Chapel Hill Road
named by Elder Tiffany - 1974
next to Bridgewater, N.S. chapel

Boat Harbor
downtown Liverpool, N.S.

Joni's learning the game
at niece Karen's home
(winter 2012)

Senior's U.S. Thanksgiving dinner
(November 2012)

Andrea & Ofa Pahulu and Sis. Tiff

Kate, Samantha, & Emma (YSA)
Sis. Hart & Sis. Rush (missionaries)

JJ Choo at our
Dalhousie classroom

Notice the colors - Halifax, N.S.
Most of N.S. is like this 

After dinner at Bro. & Sis. Fox's
with Elders Baskin & Woodward

Nate & Marcie in Palmyra, N.Y.
on our trip to the Canada Halifax Mission
(June 2012)

Angel Moroni monument
atop the Hill Cumorah, N.Y.
(June 2012)

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