Sunday, March 10, 2013

 This has been a week of service to the younger missionaries and others.  Because we're assigned to the Young Single Adult Branch, we see that the younger missionaries don't get a lot of dinner invitations, so Sister T has decided to do whatever we can to make up for it.  And we love it!

Sisters Hart, Drew, and Ott having Breakfast at Tiffany's 

Elder and Sister Wiebe joining the Sisters at "Breakfast"
Elders Campbell, Johnson, Wolsey, and Gibbs
didn't get "Breakfast."  They had lunch instead.
The Sisters again, and we're so glad they can come to dinner often!
While we were in Bridgewater to do a class observation this week, we visited our good friends, the Davisons, and Anna showed off a quilt she made which will go into a Canadian national show of some sort.  (Sorry I cut off the top of her head to get in the quilt.)  There's some very intricate detail here that takes a lot of time and talent.  Congrats to Anna.
Sis. T with Anna's granddaughter, Ofa, showing off her new glasses (play).
A shot of one of those freight container ships heading out to sea from the Halifax harbor.  These ships are HUGE, and with all the weight they carry in these containers, we wonder how they stay afloat!  A lot like the great big airplanes carrying a lot of cargo or military machinery - how do they get into the air then stay there?
It doesn't appear that we've done much this week, but we have, just didn't get a lot of pictures to show off our busy schedule: teacher's inservice, institute classes, temple service, fellowshipping and teaching appointments with the young missionaries.  And, let's not forget Sister Tiff's Primary class and Elder Tiff's Branch Presidency duties.  We also had a young and struggling couple into our apartment for dinner one evening this week.  It has been a very busy and fulfilling week of service, and we love it.
This coming week we're headed for the far southwestern borders of our mission - upper Maine, for early-morning seminary teacher observations and in-service.  We'll be sure to get some photos to share and some spiritually high minutes with the Saints in that area.

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