Friday, August 16, 2013

In reviewing some thoughts sent to us from Bruce Pitt, a friend who is currently serving as Mission President with his wife, Linda, in West Virginia, we thought of our missionary service and some of the questions we hear often.  Some members of the church, as well as non-members, often ask why we have to pray, study the scriptures, attend church, and partake of the sacrament so often.  In a revelation from God to the Prophet Joseph Smith came the answer: "Ye must practice virtue and holiness before me continually." (Doctrine and Covenants 46:33)

President Pitt says that the process of developing toward a Christ-like capacity is a matter of acquiring skills.  There is something about the nature of developing those divine skills that makes it impossible even for God to teach us those things unless we participate in the process.  Some things can only be learned by practice.  Our Father allows us practice time.  When we achieve one level of obedience - have we won the race? No, we have just crossed one hurdle.  Then the Lord moves the next hurdle up a bit so we learn to master another level of obedience.  In spiritual things, that level comes step by step over a period of time.
Carmelita, our friend from the Philippines, a member of the Halifax Ward, is a constant reminder of how fellowshipping new members can help strengthen testimonies and attendance at church to learn more of the Savior and how to become like Him.  She has struggled, and Sister Tiff has stepped right up to give her the love and friendship she needs.  We share dinner appointments and church events to keep her in constant contact with the gospel.  She has become a very dear friend.
On Saturday, August 10, 2013, Elder and Sister Tiffany celebrated our 43rd wedding anniversary.  A very enjoyable part of that day was at a garden party, hosted by Brother and Sister Fox.  It wasn't a party for us, but for all the senior missionaries who serve at the temple.  This group is made up of Bro. Hart (temple sealer), Bro. Fox (next temple president), Bro. Nelson and Smith (both temple workers).  They even have a CD they've made of their talents.

Most of the senior missionaries who serve at the temple, enjoying a beautiful evening by the lake, at the home of Bro. and Sis. Fox.

Another view of part of the group.  Elder and Sister Edwards (front left) go home to Magna, Utah, next week.

Sister DelaCruz, our sister from Hawaii, is doing the Hula for us.  She promised us we didn't want to see her in a grass skirt.  She and Elder DelaCruz go home in three weeks.

Sister Fox got some Hula instructions.

Elder and Sister Poelman arrived at our party straight from Salt Lake City.  This was their first stop in the mission - they hadn't even been to their apartment yet!  They are taking the Edwards' place at the temple.

We always enjoy feeding the younger missionaries - Elders Campbell and Hadley.
Sister Tiff became a tour guide again and had a ladies day out.  She went with Sisters Calvert, Leavitt, and Wiebe to Mahone Bay and Lunenburg for a day without their companions to look and shop.
We've been here for more than a year and felt it would be nice to share a few notes about the history or background of Canada.  The name "Canada" came from the explorer Jacque Cartier.  On an expedition up the St. Lawrence River he stopped at a village which he called "Kanata," Iroquois for "village."  Everything afterwards concerning the area was referred to as "Canada", and when all colonies were united it became the official name in 1867.  The Canadian flag was a variation of the Union Jack used by Great Britain until 1945, when the maple leaf design was born.  This design became the official flag of Canada on February 15, 1965.

 Nova Scotia means "New Scotland", thus their flag is linked to Scotland, and granted by King Charles I in 1625.  It was the first flag flown in the Commonwealth outside of Great Britain.  Throughout the American and Canadian colonial wars, Nova Scotia was the site of numerous skirmishes, but after the American Revolution, the colony was settled by British Loyalists.  It originally included all of what is now Maritime Canada and part of northern Maine.  Finally, in 1867, after the other Atlantic Provinces were established, Nova Scotia joined the Canadian Confederation.

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  1. What a great party at the Fox home. It is such a lovely setting and what a joy to share it with such lovely people. I always love your blog. I am a little jealous of the "ladies day out", why didn't we do that?