Tuesday, September 10, 2013

In our most recent Church Education System (CES) broadcast, Elder Russell M. Nelson, an Apostle of the Lord Jesus Christ, spoke to us about being "standard bearers" for the Lord.  He asked eight questions for us to consider, and said our answers should reflect in our personal lives whether we have decided to follow the Old Testament prophet Joshua's lead to "...serve the Lord" (Joshua 24:15).  He asked: 1) Will you choose to increase in learning (sacred and secular)?   2) What manner of living will you choose?  3) Will you establish priorities to help you make proper choices?  4) With whom will you choose to associate?  5) Will you choose freedom or bondage? ("Ye shall know the truth and the truth shall make you free.")  6)  Will you choose to follow the Lord or the philosophies of men?  7)  How will you prepare for your personal interview with the Lord?  8)  In whom will you put your trust?  With these he added an Apostolic blessing and challenge to
feast on the scriptures, live righteously, seek success in education and vocation, and capture good health.  It was a very spiritually high and wonderful way to end the weekend and encourage the YSA to attend institute.
Elders Diodati and Henderson are assigned to the Halifax family ward, but share their apartment with the missionaries assigned to the YSA branch.  We see them every week but don't often get to have them in for dinner.  They're really great at what they have been called to do - be representatives of the Lord Jesus Christ.

Sis. Ashley Croft Vivek was a missionary here the year before we arrived.  She taught Hari, then went home to Orderville, Utah.  Now she's back, married to Hari in the St. George, Utah, temple, and inviting us in for an original and very yummy Indian dinner.

Hari Magutah is from India, now living with his lovely wife just down the street from us, and working in computer technology in Halifax.  They both have different last names because that's just the way it is in India.  They are a very wonderful couple, whom we love very much (and their food is really good!).

Elder and Sister DelaCruz, a temple missionary couple from Hawaii, invited us in for dinner just four days before they went home.  Sis. DelaCruz said we needed to eat as much as we could to help her clear out her cupboards and fridge.  We worked with them in the baptistry at the temple many times.  They will be sorely missed.

Sisters Broadhead and Drew are invited for dinner at our place often.  They're both from Alberta and are assigned to the YSA branch.  Sister Drew is being transferred to Summerside, Prince Edward Island, this week.  We're really going to miss her, as she came as a "greeny" several months ago, and we've watched her grow to be a spiritual giant.  One of our special "daughters."  She's being replaced here by another "greeny" named Sis. Pinch (not sure where she's from, but I'm sure you'll see a lot of her later.)

Sister Tiffany's nephew, Jeffrey Roy, is an assistant minister at St. Aidan's Anglican/Catholic Church, here in Halifax.  Last week we were invited to attend a special meeting and dinner (The Feast of St. Aidan) at his church.  It was enjoyable to meet the parishioners and share a pot luck dinner with them.

Here is part of Jeffrey, Sister T, Ruby (Jeff's mom), and Oxana (Jeff's wife), enjoying the meal and social time at St. Aidan's.

If it seems like you're seeing a lot of food pass by here, it's because there is a lot of food being served.  One of the ways to get people to attend an event is to offer food.  However, these are some of the regulars at church enjoying our potluck "Break the Fast", held every Fast Sunday after church.  Sometimes it's pretty interesting to see what comes out of these young peoples' kitchens. 

We took a couple of days to visit some friends and family in Mahone Bay, Bridgewater, and Liverpool before we get into the school teaching routine for the fall.  Anna Davison is like a sister to us, and is a very gracious hostess and grand cook.  She and Sis. T were roommates way back when.

Roger Davison is originally from England, and we love him, even if Elder Tiff can't always translate what Roger's saying in his thick British accent.  But then, he's only been in Canada for 45 years, so he hasn't had time to lose the accent, and we're glad he hasn't!

Bro. Wilbur and Sis. Jean Frelick are among the most humble and loving people in the world!  He's a 92 year-old retired fisherman.  Howard and Edith Frelick, his parents, were two of Elder T's most favorite people when he was serving here in 1963-64.  Howard and Wilbur are two of a kind in love, spirit, humility, and kindness.

Danny Buck and Morgan Bell met us for lunch at John's Lunch (one of Canada's best fish and chip spots).  Morgan is from Nova Scotia, and the daughter of a very good friend - Shirley Elderkin.  They were here on vacation from Alberta.

This past week was "WOW Week".  Activities were planned for the YSA to welcome everyone back to the institute school year.  On Thursday evening we met at the chapel for a little "Rock Band" and goodies - the beginning of a very well-rounded fun and spiritual welcoming.

Saturday's WOW activities included two workshops - one with Pres. and Sis. Robinson (temple president and matron) speaking on family history, and one with Pres. and Sis. Leavitt speaking on how to be effective and productive member missionaries.  Then we gathered at Bro. Cartier's home for a BBQ.  Afterwards the youth went to the beach and we came home to rest up for Sunday's activities.
We don't have any pictures of Sister Tiffany slaving away in the kitchen, preparing a dinner that everyone loved.  She prepared a pulled pork dinner just like the one she cooked last spring for institute graduation that everyone raved about. She added a green salad, fruit salad, and dessert, and everyone went away filled and with a smile on their face.
We ran from the dinner to the mission home for a senior missionary social to welcome Elder and Sister Lockhart from Pleasant Grove, Utah.  They have just arrived and are going to Cornerbrook, Newfoundland, for the winter!  We were entertained by Bro. Bill Green, who is from a little tiny village in Newfoundland.  He sang some songs in Newfie dialect, introducing us to some Newfie vocabulary.
After the social, we hurried back to the Halifax chapel to view the CES broadcast with Elder Russell M. Nelson.  It was a very spiritual feast with a lot of good words of counsel and direction.  Because of the difference in time zones, the broadcast was shown here from 9 to 10 p.m.  We finally made it back to our apartment at 11:00 (we left it at 9:00 a.m.).
Sisters Lee and Dougherty are assigned to the Halifax family ward with Elders Diodati and Henderson.  Two more of our "daughters" who we try to have to dinner as often as we can.

Elders Hadley and Campbell have been assigned to the YSA Branch, but are now being transferred.  Hadley is going to Maine, and Campbell is headed for New Brunswick.  We've enjoyed having them here and will miss their smiles and spirit.  Their replacements are Assistants to the mission president, Elders Nzojibwami and Clark.  We know them, love them, and are looking forward to working with them.

Elders Diodati, Hadley, and Henderson have not been to Peggy's Cove, so we took them there on P-Day.  You really haven't been to Nova Scotia, if you haven't been to Peggy's Cove, and it's only a thirty minute drive from our place.  Since Hadley and Campbell are leaving, we thought they needed to say they've "been there!"

This is a view of the fisherman's harbor with lobster traps, at Peggy's Cove.

We caught these two delinquent missionaries at the cove.

On the way back to the city from the cove we stopped to get an ice cream cone.  This is a view from the back porch of the eatery where we stopped.  There are so many beautiful scenes everywhere, it's hard not taking pictures of everything.  It is so beautiful here, and now the leaves are starting to change (that's right - very early September!).  If you love fall foliage scenes of New England, you'll love them as well in Nova Scotia.

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