Thursday, July 12, 2012

We have been in the Mission field one month today.  We are still getting our bearings as we are new, we have a new Mission President-President and Sister Leavitt from B.C.; we have a new Institute Coordinator-Richard Cartier who is arriving from Alberta; and we are the first C.E.S. Senior Couple in Halifax-the last one was in New Brunswick so it is all new.  We are going to Cornerbrook, Newfoundland this weekend with President and Sister Leavitt to visit the branch and ward leaders which is great for us-we will know the leaders of the YSA's and find out if they are still in their areas.  We have a 5 hr. car ride to the ferry in Cape Breton tomorrow and a 5 hr. ferry ride on Saturday.  We are sailing the North Atlantic and the Titanic was not too successful so pray for us.  There are two cemeteries here in Halifax filled with those on the Titanic who did not make it.  We will be back Monday returning the same route.  We have had some appt. with the young Elders Deem and Parsons and they are wonderful.  We have another senior couple in the next building-the Piersons from Taber, Alberta.  We have been to the Temple twice this week and visited members here.  We love the Lord and hope that we can be a positive influence on the members and non-members alike.  The weather is fantastic -about 80 deg. with a breeze.  The Tall Ships from all over the world are docking here next week for 10 days-very impressive.  July 19-29.  The Church is True.  Stay strong.

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