Wednesday, July 4, 2012

What a ride.  We arrived in Nova Scotia a week ago and visited the Church Historical sites along the way-Nauvoo and went to the Temple for a session; Kirtland; (Niagara Falls not in Church History); Palymra  where we arrived on a Sunday so we visited the Sacred Grove and walked around the Temple; and then on to Sharon, Vermont where it was really raining and the rain continued into Nova Scotia when we arrived on Tuesday. ate and Marcie drove with us and they were a Godsend with all of the driving and long days.  Our trip was wonderful and without any problems.  We were tired but the rain stopped when we unpacked the van at our new residence in Halifax.  We went to dinner at JJ and Sheldon Choo's on Tuesday so that we arrived to a cooked dinner-it was wonderful.  Melissa lives at JJ's and so good to see everyone. 
On Wednesday, we reported into the Mission Office that we were there and then headed down the shore so see family as Marcie and Nate had only a few days.  First was Peggy's Cove and the Memorial for the Flight 111 off the coast of Peggy's Cove.  Then through Mahone Bay and on the Liverpool to my sister Lil's home.  She lives at her son Dave and Nat's home and they had dinner and family waiting for us.  We visited for two days and visitedwith relatives (they are wonderful).  We so good to us.  Friday we headed home and stopped in Mahone Bay at the Davison's for lunch and back to Halifax.  We had our first official meeting on Friday night at the Dartmouth Chapel with the Young Single Adults.  This is going to be fun.  Brother Pilling is moving to Alberta and we are getting a new C.E.S. Coordinator-Brother Cartier but he does not arrive until July 20th. Saturday we spent the day setting up a cell phone and internet.  It is the Canada Day weekend so the internet service will be ready later in the week.  (I am at the library writing this)
Sunday we attended  two sacrament meetings-one in Dartmouth and one in Halifax for the YSA's.  Marcie and Nate left at 6 AM Sunday morning so we were at the airport at 5 AM so it made for a long day.  That evening we met with the new Mission President-President Leavitt from Vancouver, BC and his wife.  There are 4 couples serving in this area  plus the Temple President.  There is a couple in Newfoundland and one in Prince Edward Island so we did not see them.  We were told that the senior couples there that night will be going to Newfoundland the last week end of August for the conference they are holding there and they need speakers. 
Monday was a  holiday as it was the official July 1 for workers so even Walmart was closed-could not believe it!!!  Almost everythin  was shut down so no shopping for necessaries.   We did visit the Mission Home and got familiar with the area.  (Halifax and Dartmouth are twin cities and the only cities in N.S.-there are two large bridges that connect them.  Tuesday we had a District Conference with 4 Elders and two sisters and one other Senior Couple-the Pearsons from Taber, Alberta.  After that we finally found some stores to get food and drapes-it is hot here and quite humid-happens every so often.
They do not quite know what to do with us as we are a Church Education Ssysytem couple and July is not busy.  The YSA's have a fireside on Sunday where Brad Wilcox from Utah is speaking (it is a big deal) and next week there is the Palymra, N.Y. bus trip for them.  Also a potluck between church and the Fireside on Sunday.  We are excited to meet Brother Cartier and get going for real.
This is what we have been called to do and we are loving serving the Lord.  Thank you for all of the support and love-plus all of the blessings we have received.  Keep us in your prayers and Nova Scotia is beautiful.

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