Monday, August 20, 2012

The "Greenies" Elder & Sister Tibbets
Sunday is always busy with lots of meetings, but I'll make it short - it was busy with a lot of meetings.  We were asked to teach the Marriage and Family Relations class in Sunday School, starting next month.  That should be fun to teach the singles.  The YSA Stake Committee are planning some fun events for the future and the Activation Committee met to give us a hand in reactivation efforts.  Then this evening we went to the mission home for a dinner with other senior couples.  A new couple (one day), the Tibbets, were there from Alpine, Utah.  Her personality is just like Sister Tiffany's so it was a very fun evening.  They're going to New Brunswick, close to the Maine border.

Sis. Roberts
We spent one day in service for a very close friend of Sister T's (who isn't?).  Weeding and minor repairs about her home made Elder Tiff feel like he was back home (except for the humidity).  It was a great day.  We met with Griselda and she is very positive about her move home to El Salvador.  We had dinner at Elder and Sister Foley's one evening, and they put Griselda in touch with a friend from her home country.  In the meantime Elisha tried on baptismal clothes for her baptism on Saturday.  She is nervous but very excited.  She has had some tough times and this is the direction she has been wanting to go, especially for her daughter.  Her baptism was a very spiritual experience and she even bore her testimony of the true gospel!

Elders Deem and Parsons were here for lunch one day, and they had to pay for it by showing Elder Tiff some computer stuff.  At the MTC they told us to ask the young Elders for Tech stuff, they know it all - it's true!  We also had Elders Marks and Fisher for lunch this week. Elder Marks is the zone leader and they are both great missionaries, along with Elders Deem and Parsons.
Elders Fisher & Marks enjoying Sister T's cooking
Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada Temple
We started our assignment at the temple this week.  What a great experience that is.  Sister T is in training, and she is fantastic!  (Elder Tiff was trained at the Bountiful Temple)  We love it.  We'll be there once a week until our mission is finished.

Some of the youngsters getting prepped!

The YSA had a great activity we participated in.  We didn't get wet but got lots of sunshine.  Elder Tiff got his first ride in a canoe, but they didn't trust his paddling, so he just sat there and enjoyed the fruits of their labors and the scenery.

Elder Tiff, fold your arms
and stay away from the paddles!!

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