Monday, August 27, 2012

"The Lord doesn't care much for temporal challenges on earth.  He is really only concerned with what we become because of our challenges." (Bruce Pitt-our former Stake Pres.)

Branch Pres. Moses & wife Debbie

Some YSA munching goodies @
their Talent Show

You can tell it's getting closer to the school year - we're getting more YSA  from out of town moving in to attend school and attending the branch activities.  It's good to see they're attending church without their parent's urging.  We're also meeting more with our CES coordinator in preparation for teaching.

Elders Marks & Fisher

We had guests (new converts) for dinner and the Elders for lunch - they were very tasty.  Sister Tiff makes the best meals 'cause she's a "good cooker."

This week at the temple we saw Elisha, who was baptized last Saturday, at the temple with the youth and Griselda.  It was great to see these new members of the church in such a holy place.  They were both as thrilled to be there as we were to see them there.  There was a large number of YSA there, also.
Griselda - one of our fav's

We've been told the church is going to start using a new family history site on the computer - Family Tree.  We met with a group of family history consultants and felt their wonderful spirit and enthusiasm to be in those callings.  Next Thursday an individual will be here from Salt Lake City to tell us what, when, why, and how of the new program.

"As member's of Christ's restored Church, we have the covenant responsibility to search out our ancestors and provide for them the saving ordinances of the gospel. 'They without us cannot be made perfect' (Heb. 11:40). And 'Neither can we without our dead be made perfect' (D&C 128:15)."  (Elder Bednar)

During the weekend we went to Truro, about 40 miles north, to visit some members, non-members, and the branch of the church.  We stayed with one of Joni's friends from way back.  They were exceptionally kind to us and very hospitable.  The branch is small but very loving and full of the spirit.  We spoke in their Sacrament Meeting, then met with Pres. Mahoney, the Branch President to discuss CES and YSA.  After church was a very tasty pot luck dinner, then a drive home.  It was a great weekend!

Along with all of these events we've had some fun activities, too. One evening we had dinner with some of the people we work with at the temple. One sister who had the dinner, lives next to a beautiful lake, and then dessert on their boat out on the lake. Pres. and Sister Robinson, Temple Pres. and Matron, were with us. It was a fantastic evening!

Hostess Linda Cournoyer & Sharon Hartling-
Temple workers
Our host and Captain -
John Cournoyer
Our Luxury Cruise Liner

Pres. & Sis. Robinson (Temple Pres. & Matron)
Sure look different without white clothes!
The Cournoyer's year-round home on
the shore of a beautiful lake
  We also had the chance to go to the beach and walk in the COLD Atlantic water.
Rainbow Haven Beach at Cow Bay

Melissa -

Elder & Sis. Foley
Really great Mission Office couple!

We love our work and our companion.  We're thankful and humbled that we've been found worthy to be here, and pray we'll be proper representatives of our Savior.  Elder Nelson said, "Our degree of gratitude is a measure of our love for Him."

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