Monday, December 10, 2012

Sis. White & Sis. Bezanger
Very humorous and wonderful
ladies of Halifax 1st Ward
The Christmas spirit is getting stronger as we get nearer to December 25th.  We had the opportunity to attend TWO church dinners this last week.  On Friday evening we attended the Halifax 1st Ward Christmas party (that's a family ward).  There are a lot of really friendly people there and we like to attend their Sacrament Meetings every Sunday, just for the feel of family.

Just a few of the ugly sweaters!
After that we attend the Young Single Adult meetings to feel the vibrance of youth.  They have great testimonies and a wonderful spirit about them.  We're not sure if they're keeping us young or making us older, but we love them.  They had their Christmas dinner and dance on Saturday evening, to include an invitation to wear an ugly sweater.  Elder Tiffany doesn't have such a thing, but Sister Tiffany borrowed one from Melissa and JJ.  They gave prizes for the ugliest sweaters, and there were some pretty ugly ones, but she won HANDS DOWN!  She promised not to wear it anywhere else, and immediately put it away.

 SEE WHAT WE MEAN -             UGLY!


We met with some stake priesthood leaders and discussed some things they would like us to do in the way of training auxilary teachers, as well as seminary and institute teachers. It will include some extra travel time, but a chance to see more of Nova Scotia in depth, as we attend wards and branches around the province. We're looking forward to getting more acquainted with many more members.
Sister Tiffany's asking Santa
to not give her a piece of coal
for wearing the sweater.

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