Tuesday, April 30, 2013

We mentioned last week that we had taken a trip to Liverpool to visit family then to Bridgewater to inspect the missionaries apartment and car.  We took Sister T's brother Milford with us.  That's the first time we've been able to get him to go with us to visit his siblings.  He's very quiet and somewhat shy, so he hasn't been to visit for quite some time.
On our return to Halifax, we stopped in Bridgewater to inspect the missionaries living quarters and auto.  The missionaries have a very nice little cottage on the farm of Bro. Brian And Sis. Irene Hirtle.  The living area and car were clean and everything looked very good, so we rewarded them with some cookies.  They were happy for that and promised to keep it up.
Here we have Sister T preparing to make her world-class dinner rolls. 
Elder T is staying out of the way!

On Wednesday, Sister T began a service project she volunteered for - baking 200 rolls for the wedding reception of Heidi Lane and Chris Largesse.  They are two of our favorites from the YSA Branch, and we wanted to be of as much help as possible.  The wedding was on Friday at the Halifax Temple, with the reception that evening.  They are students on a very small budget, but everything about the wedding and reception was very well done and everyone was very pleased.  They loved the rolls made by Sister T! 
Brother Christopher and Sister Heidi Lane Largesse

Cutting the cake was really quite civilized!
Since arriving in the Canada Halifax Mission, we have been visited and trained by at least a half-dozen General Authorities of the Church.  In the last week we've had the privilege of visits by two members of the First Quorum of 70, and an Area Authority 70.  Following the teachings of the Bible, these men are traveling the world, preaching and teaching the Gospel of Jesus Christ.  It is so great to be tutored by men who have been sent by the Savior to share His gospel.
Elder and Sister William R. Walker, First Quorum of 70.

Missionaries in Nova Scotia zones.
During his visit and tour of the mission, Elder Walker presided in our Zone Conference last Thursday.  We listened to both Elder and Sister Walker, and of course Pres. Leavitt, our mission president.  A couple of points to share were: "When we finally find out who we are, we'll be sorry we didn't try harder." (Sis. Walker). 
Using the scriptures, Elder Walker said we must search for the truth, pray always, and be believing.  Comparing Laman and Lemuel with Nephi and Sam - he said our attitude makes all the difference.  If the weather gets you down think of it as always good! (good and hot, good and cold, good and humid, etc.)  He also said, "If you're almost obedient, you'll almost get the blessings."  He emphasized this with Doctrine and Covenants 39 and 40 - James Covill was taught by Joseph Smith, he accepted the gospel, then rejected it, and lost many blessings.
A really great meal was served to us at noon by
the Halifax Ward Relief Society sisters.
We also had visiting with us Elder David Archuleta and his twin brother!  Actually this Elder Widdup and Elder Amaya, but don't they look famous!?
On Saturday and Sunday we had Stake Conference, with Elder and Sister Paul V. Johnson, of the First Quorum of the 70, plus Elder Grant Bennett, our Area Authority 70.  Saturday was the usual leadership training meeting, then the evening session of conference.  Sunday brought us the main session of conference, then a short meeting afterward for seminary students, parents, and teachers.  Elder Johnson is Church Commissioner of Education (CES), so we were particularly excited to have him here, since CES is our assignment.  We're sorry we didn't get a picture of his lovely wife nor Elder Bennett.
Elder Bennett is from Boston, and told us about his experiences with the building of the Boston Temple, and with Mitt Romney as his Bishop and Stake President.  He mentioned that international news reporters were impressed to tell him that the church is a lifelong training ground for leadership.  He also said a Unitarian Minister visited an early morning seminary class and mentioned that we not only teach the gospel of Christ, but that we also teach how to apply the gospel to our lives.
Elder Johnson was also very inspiring to listen to.  He spent time in Saturday's meeting to discuss "real growth" in the church - being converted and not just baptized.  Then on Sunday he emphasized Temple and Family History.  "What can we learn from our ancestors?  If we could talk to our grandchildren of 3 or 4 generations from now, what would we like to tell them or teach them?  We must preserve meaningful things in our lives for our descendants.  We can make a difference to future generations."  He ended his talk by talking about the courage of various heroes through the ages, but the most courageous had to be the Savior - knowing what He was facing all His life, especially going into the Garden of Gethsemane and then to the cross.  That was the greatest show of courage in the history of the world, deserving much more than the Congressional Medal of Honor, as prestigious as that award is!  Needless to say, it was a week of great spiritual rejuvenation!
 Sunday evening birthday celebration dinner for Pres. and Sis. Leavitt.
 We finished off Sunday evening with a dinner for the senior missionaries at the mission home.  Sunday was Sister Leavitt's birthday, and the previous Sunday was Pres. Leavitt's birthday.  Because they were both in town at the same time, we decided to celebrate with them.  It was a potluck dinner with lots of great food, including Sister Tiff's famous fish chowder and rolls.  After dinner we gave the Leavitt's each a bag of gag gifts for "over the hill" people.  It was very enjoyable and great to get together again.
 Sis. Leavitt is just overwhelmed by our lovely rendition of the birthday song!

Pres. Leavitt can't wait to dive into his bag of Cheetos!!
Sisters Lee, Hart Ott, and Drew at
Peggy's Cove
On Monday we took the four sister missionaries to Peggy's Cove.  This is probably the most photographed place in Atlantic Canada.  The weather was perfect - 62 degrees, slight breeze, sun shining, blue skies, waves crashing on the shore.  A lot of pictures were taken, and it was a fun outing for the ladies and a nice break from the city.

Anonymous senior citizens sent to keep
the young ones safe.

Sisters Drew and Hart are the real thing!  Fishermen never looked so good!!

The sisters had a great time at Peggy's Cove!!


  1. It is always so fun to read your blog and get caught up on the mission, brings back so many wonderful memories. I LOVE the picture of the two of you at Peggy's Cove!! You guys are great!

  2. Our daughter is serving in this wonderful mission and she loves it! (Sister Amber Rust) it is fun to see faces to the names she has written home about. She loves and appreciates the couple missionaries who serve there. Thank-you for all you do for our missionaries!